Record Review: Brooke Fraser

Brooke Fraser
Wellington, New Zealand

“The soundtrack to the next iPod commercial”

This album feels like the soundtrack to a meaningful movie (“Orphans, Kingdoms”), or the saddest, most bittersweet moment of your life (“Who Are We Fooling?”), and yes, even an iPod commercial (“Something In The Water”).

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The record starts off incredibly upbeat and chipper – it’s delightful. Songs like “Ice On Her Lashes” invoke feelings of Christmas, and sound like spending time with people you care about, which makes this album really worth a listen. “Jack Kerouac” is catchy, just like a female B-side for a Paul Simon single.

Although there may be nothing groundbreaking being done here, Fraser has the ability to sing with real emotion, and her music fits well with that emotion, never bordering on overkill. Most of the songs come off as effortless, with a lot of heart. If you’re comfortable listening to your heart, you should listen to this album. (Wood and Bone)

Produced by Brooke Fraser // Recorded and mixed by Joe Zook at East West Studios // Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering

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