MUST LISTEN: the one and only PPL MVR

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Indie Rock

the one and only PPL MVR
Hometown: Unknown

The one and only PPL MVR delivers a sound as untamed as the “original species” themselves—and don’t dare call them Yetis. From whatever ancient world these unclassified creatures hail, they bring with them a very real breed of raw rock n’ roll.

The lead single, “People Mover,” is an introduction to their aggressive brand of garage-rock, laced with growling guitars, and partnered with a sinister synth-effected vocal. Unlike their primal demeanor in “Mad,” which comes equipped with primordial grunts, and “Day of the Dead,” the psychedelic power ballad “Annie” shows a softer side of the monster-rock trio by leaning heavily on electronic elements and a more sophisticated use of melody.

It would be easy to rely solely on the mysterious PPL MVR story, but what the April-release EP proves is: the music holds up.

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