The Howling Tongues BOO HISS Vinyl Review

The Howling Tongues new album BOO HISS is a face-melting return to singalong rock and roll, and earns our pick for Vinyl of the Month.

OK, I’m just gonna come out and say it. Shame on every so-called rock radio station in America for not playing “Vivian” on the hour, every hour as part of their regular rotation this summer. While we get inundated with the latest “YouTube sensation” crap from the FM airwaves, glorious rock and roll like The Howling Tongues‘ Boo Hiss is nowhere to be found on mainstream radio.

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And what a loss for real music fans – these guys flat out rock, and the brutally honest lyrics and crashing damnation of “Alone” make me want to personally issue a copy of this record to every program director in the country with a note telling them they’re missing out for not playing it. Angry face emoji. That’s right, I wrote it out.

How best to describe The Howling Tongues for the uninitiated? Well, the Atlanta natives take the best bits from the Hives, Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, and a little swamp-boogie for good measure and Frankenstein the whole lot into a cohesive ball of pure rock energy. In other words, make peace with the fact that you’re soon to be out a few bucks, because you’re gonna want this LP in your collection ASAP.

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We liked their first record. We loved their second. In the words of Alvy Singer, we lurve this one. Highly recommended.

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The Howling Tongues BOO HISS album cover

The Howling Tongues

Boo Hiss
Atlanta, GA
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