[VINYL OF THE MONTH] Cowtown – Paranormal Romance

Cowtown – Paranormal Romance

Cowtown’s latest LP, Paranormal Romance, originally came out on pink vinyl, but as we’re constantly late to the party (isn’t that always the case?) we got our grubby little paws on the regular ol’ black wax. Fret not, through! Encased in these grooves are post-punk spikes of aggression tangled up in utterly massive riffage by the ton (or kilo if you’re on the metric system) that’ll leave your speakers begging for mercy.

It’s as if Brian Setzer and Franz Ferdinand listened to nothing but Dinosaur Jr. for a month and half, and decided to record an album together on a borrowed reel-to-reel. That’s a compliment, by the way. Look, Paranormal Romance flat-out rules. It’s catchy as hell, it’s loud enough to piss off even the most “with it” suburban parents, and it even throws in subtle nods to The Bangles halfway through “Tweak” (we’ll pogo like Egyptians, I suppose, as walking to Cowtown is simply for squares).

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Get it on vinyl before it sells out for good. Trust us. (HHBTM Records)

Follow on Twitter @wearecowtown and listen now at cowtown.bandcamp.com

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