Chief Ghoul ‘Damned’ Review

by | Jun 14, 2016 | Indie Rock

Chief Ghoul sounds like a gunslinger who traded in his iron for a guitar but still deals in gunfire and damnation.

Chief Ghoul Damned

Chief Ghoul obviously rose to the rank of “Chief” via his ability to create an entire dusty landscape with one slash through six strings. He populates the scene with a soulful, tortured vocal presence that rises over the horizon like a storm and recedes just as gracefully into the dust below.

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Damned works at different speeds and intensities. Some tracks move with such vengeance they leave a dusty wake, while others put on a beat-up old pair of boots and plod across the wasteland on foot, each step full of gravity and an unshakeable but irresistible sense of foreboding. Highly recommended.

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Blues rock outfit, Chief Ghoul, announces the release of their latest album, Damned, their fourth release to date and Lee Miles’ solo follow up to III. raved about the band stating, “We haven’t heard music like Chief Ghoul’s in a long time, thanks to the hints of the Black Keys and Jack White on top of the stripped-down authenticity of a Greenwich Village coffeehouse.” Chief Ghoul was also on the cover of Performer Magazine, who stated, “It’s truly a special sound.” Chief Ghoul mixes blues, rock and folk that Baeble Music calls  “a dark message, but delightfully menacing and supremely evocative.” Chief Ghoul has also been praised by PurevolumeDrunken WerewolfSongwriting Magazine, among others, getting comparisons to The Misfits, Johnny Cash and The Black Keys.

chief ghoul

Chief Ghoul is set to release new album Damned this summer

Chief Ghoul is Lee Miles (guitar, vocals, songwriter), Chase Coryell (bass) and Justin Brown (drums). The band started as the brainchild of Miles, who began his career in songwriting as a solo artist under the name Chief Ghoul. Seeking to expand the project’s sound, Miles recruited Coryell and Brown. ChiefGhoul premiered their latest single for “Roll Baby Roll, Kill Baby Kill” on, with Lee Miles saying, “This song is my ode to the exploitation films of the ’60s and ’70s. They were gratuitous and they were awesome. Not too many movies get made like that anymore and I actually think that’s a good thing.” The Revue said, “Whether he’s telling stories about individuals on land or sea, Miles has established himself as a songwriter to watch. For that matter, he’s not just a musician, but a storyteller.”

Hailing from Louisville Kentucky, Lee Miles moved to Chicago at 21. “Chicago is a gritty city and I mixed that sound with Louisville and ended up with a good merge of the two. I wrote about things that I was going through and there has never been a different feeling for me across my albums.” The band is now based back in Miles’ home in Louisville , where Chief Ghoul’s latest installment, Damned, was written – don’t miss it!

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