Vinyl of the Month: Animal Daydream ‘Citrus’

Animal Daydream releases new 7-inch vinyl EP ‘Citrus’ on Jigsaw Records, chosen as Performer Magazine’s Vinyl of the Month for October 2016.

Citrus, the latest release from Swedish pop/rock outfit Animal Daydream, is a jangly, sun-soaked trip back to the late-’60s, when California dreamin’ influenced the entire landscape (and soundscape) of pop music. The leadoff number (and title track) “Citrus” is a hazy, lazy journey filled with “cool water,” trippy slide guitars, beautiful pop harmonies and the perfect groove for an AM radio throwback party.

All in all, what’s great about Citrus is that it doesn’t just spin a lame, hamfisted nostalgia trip at 45 revolutions per minute; it also incorporates elements of more contemporary styles, including hints of shoegaze and even chamber pop (along the lines of Fleet Foxes and a touch of Belle and Sebastian). It never feels forced or inauthentic, which is a great change of pace from other attempts we’ve heard lately.

Side A of 'Citrus' by Animal Daydream

Side A of ‘Citrus’ by Animal Daydream

Daniel Fridlund Brandt and Alexander Wahl, the duo that makes up Animal Daydream, have just released an EP that will put a smile on the face of even the most jaded indie pop fan, who (like us) feels that 2016 has been a bit of a letdown for the genre so far. Fear not! Citrus has basically redeemed the entire year for you, and it comes highly recommended.


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