VINYL OF THE MONTH: 50FootWave – “Bath White”

by | Aug 5, 2016 | Indie Rock

50FootWave is Rob Ahlers, Bernard Georges and Kristin Hersh. They’re also the perfect contemporary embodiment of ’90s alternative…

You know, back when MTV still spun quirky “college rock” videos (both in earnest and on Beavis & Butt-head) and Friends was as instrumental in breaking bands as Spotify and YouTube are today.

Which all makes sense when you factor in that 50FootWave is really a project for music that didn’t fit into Bernard and Kristin’s other, more well-known band, Throwing Muses. Bath White is a little noisier, and a little more garage, but the heart of the EP beats steadily with the rhythm of pop melodies lurking underneath the surface of grungy guitars (and sometimes, equally grungy vocals).

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All in all, we can totally recommend this to anyone who experienced the bliss of the alterna-craze first hand and wants to comp on some aural nostalgia, and for those who wish they’d lived through the cassette-strewn dorm days of decades passed. Bonus points for scoring a copy of Bath White on purple vinyl – turn it up and enjoy!


Bath White

Los Angeles, CA

(HHBTM Records)

Follow on Twitter @kristinhersh and listen now at

50FootWave Bath White

50FootWave Bath White