Great Divide – “Self-Titled”

Great Divide
Great Divide
Chicago, IL

“Rock n’ soul custom-made for a sweaty live setting”

Great Divide is certainly hitting their stride on their second release, delivering classic blues-rock with a healthy dose of soul. All they need to do now is take this record and hit the road. It wouldn’t be at all surprising to see this band share a bill with contemporary soul artists like Allen Stone or Sharon Jones. Yet, influences of ’60s rock and jam bands such as the Grateful Dead and The Band are also evident, especially in Great Divide’s songwriting and lyrics. While the album itself leaves little to be desired, one can’t help but imagine how these songs would set a live audience on fire.

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The record is filled with examples of how to build energy and momentum with a pedal-tone vamp. One such tune is “Shine,” a feel-good anthem that builds to a climax on the classic (or clichéd) refrain, “Let Your Love Light shine.” A hidden gem on this release is “Tennessee,” a punchy, up-tempo tune, with a bouncy groove reminiscent of Phish. These songs are sure to strike a nerve with live audiences who will be even more impressed when they hear the album at home. Here’s hoping that Great Divide wastes no time planning their next tour.

Produced by Daniel J. McMahon, Darren Garvey & Great Divide
Engineered by Joshua Miller, Jeff Burke, Jeff Leibovich, Dan McMahon & Darren Garvey
Mastered by Glenn Meadows at Mayfield Mastering, Nashville

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