Forest Sun

Just Begun

San Francisco, CA

(Painted Sun Records)

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“Simple, pleasant record about finding happiness in the moment”


Forest Sun does not write music for cynics.  There is no irony on his latest album Just Begun, just some really great Americana songs about living in the moment.  It’s a nice breath of fresh air.  The theme is set in the title track, which focuses on our mortality and how small we are in the universe:  “Anything can happen and I hope it will / We could die tomorrow and the world would still go on.”

The desire to seize the moment continues with  “Not Waiting,” in which the singer encourages us not to save our love for a rainy day, because “you only get more when you give it away.”  Sun describes a lovely reunion with an old friend on “It’s Good to See You,” but there is a hint of melancholy in the song, as he reminisces with his friend and asks, “How did we get this old? / How did time go so fast? / Are we the same two souls that used to lay around in the grass?”  Sure, it’s a little hippie dippy and simplistic, but it’s a nice, comfortable album for the times when you’re not in the mood for something heavy and soul-bending.

Recorded at WaveLab Studios, Tucson, AZ

Produced by Forest Sun & Craig Schumacher

Mastered by J.J. Golden at Golden Mastering

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