Fonda – Sell Your Memories

Sell Your Memories
Los Angeles, CA
(Minty Fresh)

“Catchy, lush dream pop with purpose and personality”

Emily Cook and David Klotz make up Fonda, the melodic Southern California duo self-described as a “colorful, blissed-out, reverb-drenched kaleidoscopic wall of sound.” And they aren’t too far from the truth. The boy-girl duo has been making music together for well over a decade after a fortuitous meeting on a Los Angeles movie set and although they decided to keep their day jobs, they didn’t let that stop them from making music.

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Sell Your Memories is a solid, consistent effort that showcases their buttery vocals, which float through the speakers like lush, liquefied goodness. The album opens up with a layered, mid-paced track with percussion pulsing in the forefront, then sails into a few slower tracks and is bookended with a quiet, acoustic number featuring a simple and melancholy melody.

The album starts out strong, plays through easily and is generally likeable with fun, standout tracks like “You’ve Got A Life of Your Own,” “Last Goodbyes” and “Moving Forward,” which demonstrates their knack for creating their own brand of that dream pop sound without sounding too recycled or rehashed. And while the consistency is appreciated and well-executed, there are times throughout the album where tracks begin to sound repetitive, but that’s a minor complaint on an otherwise fantastic outing.

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