Patty Griffin – “Silver Bell” Review

“Griffin’s long-lost treasure is finally unearthed”

Diehard Patty Griffin fans have had bootlegged copies of Silver Bell for more than a decade, after a merge between A&M and Universal in 2000 found this record shelved, discarded, and unheard. Much sought after ever since, Silver Bell FINALLY gets its official release, and the world is better for it. Often thought of as Griffin’s secret masterpiece, the record has already spawned two hits for the Dixie Chicks, who recorded renditions of “Truth #2” and “Top of the World,” one of Griffin’s finest and, remarkably, most requested songs.

But the great gift of this wide release is that dedicated fans of Griffin and those who are new or only slightly familiar with her work can treasure these songs that never deserved to be b-sides. A track like “Little God” which has Griffin at her darkest, her loudest, or a song like “Mother of God” which finds at her most beautiful and meditative – these are songs that belong firmly in Griffin’s repertoire. Silver Bell also stands out as Griffin’s most playful record, wherein she tries on half a dozen styles in the space of an hour, mastering each one and proving that this record will stand out in her catalogue as one of her finest achievements.

patty griffin silver bellPatty Griffin
Silver Bell
Austin, TX
Produced by Glyn Johns
Recorded at Kingsway Studios, New Orleans

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