Jus Post Bellum – “Oh July” Review

“A record that espouses Civil War imagery and authentic Americana songcraft”

Brooklyn represents the highest tier of indie Meccas right now with bands popping up in droves in the city lofts. Walk a few blocks and one can hear the next big thing refining its sound and gaining a steady audience who will gladly boast: “I saw them when…”

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Jus Post Bellum is strongly making its way into this category by offering its own take on the tried-and-true indie folk formula with a sophomore record that speaks to the listener’s soul in the quietest moments and shouts at them in the most joyful. The musicianship runs the gamut with a finely mastered selection of acoustic guitars, horns, percussion and the sweetest of forlorn vocal harmonies supplied by primary songwriters Geoffrey Wilson and Hannah Jensen.

Modern staples like Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver stand tall as influences though folk troubadours such as Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie reconcile their place at the head of the table many times throughout the album. The descriptive lyrics paint evocative pictures of war (showcased brilliantly on “Call to My Jesus”) that would make the Decemberists’ Colin Meloy beam with approval. Conflict never sounded so beautiful.

jus post bellum oh july.jpgJus Post Bellum
Oh July
Brooklyn, NY
Recorded & Mixed by Brent Sigmeth at LittleBig Studios in Cannon Falls, MN
Mastered by David S. Gardner at Magneto Mastering, Minneapolis

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