VINYL OF THE MONTH: Evil Dead II Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Evil Dead 2

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

(Waxwork Records)

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Waxwork Records has made a name for themselves in two separate, yet equally obsessive realms: the vinyl community and the horror community. As a card-carrying member of both myself, the label is the stuff dreams are made of. Lovingly restoring long-lost horror soundtracks from the original vault tapes, transferring them to vinyl and presenting their releases in elaborate, fan-approved deluxe new vinyl editions – I mean, what more could you want?

Their latest treasure is a re-issue of the Evil Dead 2 soundtrack, now celebrating its 30th Anniversary. I was a bit surprised to learn this actually got a vinyl release back in the day (albeit it a limited run), but was stoked to put this on the turntable and cue up the opening suite, “Behemoth.” In stark contrast to the synthesizer-heavy horror soundtracks dominating the low-budget landscape of the post-slasher era, composer Joseph LoDuca eschews the “go-to” polysynth staples of the day, instead opting for a fully realized orchestral score – one that happens to sound downright fantastic (and never dated) on this new issue.

Pressed on heavy blood-n-mud colored vinyl (also available in Oldsmobile yellow), the sonic quality of this Waxwork release is stunning at times. The full body of the orchestra hits you in the chest, and quiet passages (the middle half of Side A, for example, with light piano movements, strings and vocal hushes) aren’t hindered with surface noise or pops, making for crystal clear, full-fidelity listening with an impressive dynamic range and soundstage.

As if the audiophile-approved quality of the release wasn’t enough to sell you, the fantastic packaging should put you over the edge. A classic, hard-card gatefold cover with newly commissioned artwork rounds out the package, along with a 12”x12” color lithograph of Ash fighting of some of the undead.

Classic, and highly recommended. You’re a complete Deadite if you don’t cop this one before it goes out of print.

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