Elusive Parallelograms – “Fragments” Review

The newest release from Milwaukee’s Elusive Parallelograms, Fragments, is a raw, energetic representation of the band’s DIY spirit and approach to producing records. Opening with “Lucidity,” a sub-90 second song, it is immediately clear that this act is something different and they’re not afraid to embrace it.

The EP dives into EP’s more traditional style with “Helium,” a dancing, driving track that features tasteful guitar licks and vocalist Andrew Foys’ powerful lyrics. “Semantics” stands out the second the track kicks in with its powerful intro and killer bass line. The energy that comes from “Semantics” perfectly embodies the band’s attitude towards the DIY approach and the conscious decision to not use big-name producers.

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The non-traditional harmonies and the layered, raw sound from most of Fragments’ tracks are what set them apart from the perfect, clean, beat-mapped and heavily produced sound of most mainstream acts today. “8-Bit” and “Street Legal” sit together perfectly, leading to “Absolution,” a powerful song in 3/4 time that closes the EP on an energetic and lasting note.

Elusive Parallelograms have gone through multiple lineup changes since their start and claim that the music calls all the shots. Their DIY method of writing and recording in their self-built studio in Milwaukee’s Bayview neighborhood has definitely brought them places they might never have seen on the traditional route.

  • Engineered by Andrew Foys & Elusive Parallelograms
  • Mixed by Shane Olivo & Elusive Parallelograms
  • Mastered by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering


elusive-parallelograms-fragmentsElusive Parallelograms
Milwaukee, WI
“Short and sweet, perfectly capturing DIY energy” 

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