DVD Review: James Nash

James Nash
Making The Acoustic Guitar Rock

(Homespun Music Instruction)

“Instructional DVD great for acoustic pickers”

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All too commonly guitar players limit themselves. It’s just too easy to fall into what we know, and taking our playing to the next level can seem like a lot of work, much of which seems to have little payoff. Fortunately, James Nash knows this all too well, and went about making a DVD geared toward novice or intermediate guitarists who want a clear vision of how to step up to the plate. In his new Homespun DVD Making the Acoustic Guitar Rock, the virtuoso guitarist known for his work with The Waybacks and Bob Weir breaks down the fundamentals of modern guitar’s popular rhythm, harmony and melodic concepts in ways that lend themselves to intuitive assimilation into your playing.

From how to (and more appropriately how not to) approach scales and modes to how iconoclastic songwriters approach music making, the DVD covers all the basic ground. No, there’s nothing groundbreaking, and it might leave hardcore fans of the six-string slinger a little cold, but for a general, accessible and well-rounded view of how a great guitarist should think about the instrument, it is a welcome addition to the market. And don’t be fooled by the name – Making the Acoustic Guitar Rock will help you think about your instrument if you are an electric guitarist (or really any kind of musician), too.

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