Dum Dum Girls

by | Sep 27, 2012 | Reviews

End of Daze

Los Angeles, CA

(Sub Pop)

“Hazy, emotionally charged indie-rock about life”

Riddled with opaque harmonies, distorted guitar chords and dark musings on love and relationships comes the Dum Dum Girls’ latest EP, End of Daze. Once again lead singer Dee Dee (Kristin Gundred) pours her heart out with lush vocals over buzz saw compositions, in an attempt to better understand herself and her world.  The band’s artistic expression has evolved fluidly, with layers of glossy pop and frenzied punk energy as they continue to draw on personal experiences and emotions to fuel their creative process.

At the center of End of Daze are Dee Dee’s attempts to overcome grief and anxiety. “I Got Nothing” is a brooding and poignant rehashing of painful personal experiences set to a backdrop of percussion and gritty reverberation.  The noise pop continues with a wealth of imagery on “Mine Tonight” and an impressive overhaul of Scottish pop-rock band, Strawberry Switchblade’s “Trees and Flowers”.  There is a fuller, richer sound created by the quartet that seems to fill up any empty space.

End of Daze is a smattering of short, punchy, driving tracks; a preview of a more matured and seasoned group of musicians. There is a greater depth and precision to the performances and a clear emotional growth. With two full-length albums and two EPs under the belts, these girls have demonstrated their commitment to music and have no intention of going anywhere anytime soon.