Darling Norman – Phantom “Ahh” EP

Darling Norman
Phantom “Ahh” EP
Atlanta, GA

“Frenetic, fiery New Wave, with a dash of Strokes & Stones”

“Parkour” is a song that is built and performed to bring the house down. A flamethrower of a track, it opens this Atlanta band’s EP with great flair. The record is an epic look into a great new Southern indie/New Wave band that plays and writes with uncanny experimental flair and expression. Utterly creative, this group rocks it out like a squadron of fighters with plenty of fuel to burn.

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“Love is a Bolt” is a fiery, frenzied track of punk and indie roots, full of ferocity and passion, complete with heavy reverb-drenched, fuzzy guitar licks, dazzling percussive grooves and brooding bass. Conjuring up feelings of teenage rebellion, love and heartbreak, this song delivers the message of how love can not only be so exciting and compelling, but leave you helpless as well. The accents are riveting much like the sounds of The Strokes (from the first LP) and early Green Day. The vocals are charismatic and full of life.

“Serious” uses many layers of guitars, blending in smoothly and cohesively with beautiful percussion, leading into powerful verses and choruses. The bass line is clearly defined, and as a quartet, Darling Norman pulls off a catchy and delightful style much like golden-era Rolling Stones. One can here in the “ooh’s and ahh’s” and lead vocals Jagger-like impressions.

With only three songs to listen to on this tiny EP, one will not go away feeling unsatisfied. The production values are high, as each song is glossy and audibly anthemic. This is such a treat to listen to when you have just 15 minutes of free time.

Mixed by Richard Salino at Chase Park, Athens, GA
Additional Engineering by Greg Partridge


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