Dark Dark Dark

Who Needs Who

Minneapolis, MN

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“Moody, piano-driven Americana”


On Dark Dark Dark’s third full-length release, Who Needs Who, there are few elements of Balkan or New Orleans-style music that previously defined their sound. The album is predominantly piano-driven, with waves of orchestral accompaniment, and lush background vocal harmonies. “Without You” features syncopated accordion flourishes, but the clarinet and horns on “It’s a Secret” match the lethargic mood of the piano rather than lift it.

The single “Tell Me” might be the closest to having a hook, but lyrically it is the most melancholy. Vocalist Nona Marie Invie has written a great breakup album, establishing the mood in the opening and title track, with her alto voice accompanied only by slow piano, lamenting, “Oh I have the memory of trust/I try to keep it close.” Even on the more musically upbeat “Last Time I Saw Joe,” the overwhelming sentiment is loss. It’s fitting that the album’s release comes with the beginning of autumn. Its solemn and mournful arrangements are perfect for when the days get darker and our parties move indoors.

Produced by Tom Herbers

Recorded at The Living Room, New Orleans and Creation Audio, Minneapolis

Additional Tracking by Eric Swanson at Sacred Heart, Duluth

Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston





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