Record Review: Whitney Mann

Whitney Mann
The Western Sky
Madison, WI

“A complete collection”

Throughout The Western Sky, Whitney Mann’s voice is a balance of grace and grit. It is the element that ties the entire album together as she sings of home, love and change.  The song that has the largest country influence is “Home,” a throwback tune that could’ve been played on the Opry stage decades ago. Though there is a touch of country to every track, the Americana side also shines in “Miss You On the Farm” and the quirky “I’m Like.”

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On “Born to Love You” Whitney sings, “I was born to sing the blues” and here she proves that to be true. The melancholy feel of this song is built up during the long musical intro, but solidified when Mann enters with her raw vocals, yearning in heartache. Instruments including guitar, banjo, upright bass, percussion, mandolin, fiddle and accordion accompany her throughout the album, blending nicely with her vocals.

“Been Thinkin’ A Ways” serves as the album’s bookends, serving as the opening track as well as closing out the album with an a cappella reprise. It all comes together seamlessly, making for a collection that showcases her talents as a vocalist as well as a truly unique songwriter. (Mud Dauber Records)

Recorded and mixed at Blast House Studios by Landon Arkens // Produced by Whitney Mann // Mastered at Mystery Room by Justin Perkins

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