Record Review: Tumbledown

by | Dec 1, 2010 | Country, Reviews

Empty Bottle
Seattle, WA

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if pop-punk and Americana/country music were melded together? Pick up the second full-length album by Tumbledown and you will wonder no longer. In 2007, frontman Mike Herrera (MXPX, Arthur) decided to tread a different path with the music he was creating.

In stark contrast to some of the more upbeat and lighthearted messages of his other bands, Herrera’s themes on Empty Bottle include drinking, bar fights, and gambling, all with a country twang. While it seems that this album is full of regrets and sadness, there is hope that the characters in the songs Herrera sings about will overcome all that burdens them.

Accompanying Herrera on his journey through the lands of the outlaw country are Jack Parker on guitar, Marshall Trotland on standup bass, and Harley Trotland on drums. The vibe wouldn’t be the same without these guys, who add the flavor to the group. Highlights on the disc are “Meet the Devil,” “Arrested in El Paso Blues” and “Bad News.” In fact there aren’t really any bad songs on this record. Bottom line – if you dig punk rock and have an open mind about Americana music, you will definitely enjoy Empty Bottle. (End Sounds)

Recorded by C Jason Mask // Recorded at Houndslake and Westdale Studios