Brooklyn, NY

(Paper Garden Records)

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“Shoegazing indie pop sparkles with harmonic vocal bliss”

With the opening sounds in “Woolgatherer” of strings and synths, Conveyor delivers its self-titled album with finesse and melodic grace. While the harmonies are gorgeous, in a myriad of vocal ranges from tenor to baritone, with perhaps the use of Nord synths, this group really brings together the complete palate of sound.

The production is stellar, as Conveyor presents itself in an 11-song bathing of musical textures and heavenly colors. Songs like “Two Davids” and “Short Hair” are quite delightful breaths of fresh air, with their experimental sounds and various beats and polyrhythmic patterns, dabbled in a mixture of tempos that change on cue.

“Homes” opens up with rainfall and riveting percussion in a marching fashion. Nature is the elemental focus as birds chirp and pianos paint a marvelous picture of environmental rock.

Truly groundbreaking and full of creative flair, this group spent countless hours in the studio working up the final tracks for this release. Most prominent in detail are the lush harmonies and the scintillating vocals, the highlights of the band’s trademarked sound.

A strange and beautiful effort the spells a message of love, and the power of nature and creation, Conveyor has truly earned their wings.

Recorded at 60 S 2nd St in Brooklyn

Mastered by TW Walsh


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