PHOTO GALLERY: St. Vincent Live in Providence

St. Vincent 
Lupo’s – Providence/RI
March 8, 2015

Breaking the boundaries of art rock

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Ripping a 10-foot section of molding from a balcony overhang, Annie Clark proved that Providence (or any city, for that matter) is no match for the blistering St. Vincent.This encore thrashing of “Strange Mercy” found bits of Lupo’s Hearbreak Hotel scattered over the throbbing crowd, a confetti of cardboard and wood for the adoring fans. When her attempts at scaling the balustrade failed, she settled for stage dives with/without guitar and piggyback rides from a yellow-shirted guard. It seemed that if given enough time, not only would St. Vincent destroy all vestiges of the fourth wall, but that all walls would be torn down.

Her band, arranged in black and shrouded in shadow, provided what St. Vincent called a hit “to that area between your groin and stomach.” It is a tightly arranged quartet, as long-time collaborators Daniel Mintseris (keybords), Toko Yasuda (synths, guitars, vocals) and Matthew Johnson (drums) synced with Clark’s between-song monologues and baby-step dance sequences. The staging, a simplistic arrangement of white steps and a blank backdrop, afforded dramatic visuals as Clark ascended to the top for “Cheerleader” and “Prince Johnny.” From her 15-foot tall perch, she orchestrated a lush sing-a-long that proved while awash in theatrics, St. Vincent, her voice and her guitar, are all you need.

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photos by Beth Doreian

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