Bad Rabbits: Big Air at Fenway Photo Gallery

Bad Rabbits were the finale to the first night of Big Air at Fenway Park in Boston, where a ramp taller than the famous Green Monster wall was placed in the middle of the field for snowboarders and skiers to showcase their talents.

It may have been the coldest Bad Rabbits show in history but the band heated up the stage for the spectators that stayed until the end. Everyone was engaged – dancing along not only to keep warm but also because the band was putting on an energetic set. Catch them when you can and be sure to follow on Twitter @badrabbits.


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Bad Rabbits-Matt Lambert-2016-3 Bad Rabbits-Matt Lambert-2016-4 Bad Rabbits-Matt Lambert-2016-5 Bad Rabbits-Matt Lambert-2016-6 Bad Rabbits-Matt Lambert-2016-7 Bad Rabbits-Matt Lambert-2016-9 Bad Rabbits-Matt Lambert-2016 Bad Rabbits-Matt Lambert-2016-8


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