Chromatics and Hot Chip

When: July 17, 2012

Where: House of Blues – Boston, MA

The sensuality that Chromatics conjured up during their set, right before Hot Chip took the stage, was as effortless as it was elusive. Fronted by the salacious Ruth Radelet, the band didn’t bat an eyelash as they embarked on a way-too-short 40-minute set. Highlights included smooth performances of “Hands In The Dark” and “I Want Your Love.” Chromatics were even brave enough to cover the Kate Bush classic “Running Up That Hill.” The crowd was completely into their energy, even though it stood in contrast to the headliner.

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As expected–mostly because I’ve seen them twice before–Hot Chip was a non-stop pulsating dance party. As audience members feasted on synthesizer and strobe light goodness, vocalist Alexis Taylor held nothing back as he blew through the infectious “One Life Stand,” two-stepped his way around “Flutes,” and commanded madness during “Over and Over.” Things slowed down a bit as “Hand Me Down Your Love” got underway, but revved up as their set progressed (culminating in one of my favorite Hot Chip songs, “Ready For The Floor”). Although I was smitten with their live show already, I am certain that my third time was a charm.

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