The Up to the Moon EP

Brooklyn, NY


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“An acoustic curtsey for the pained at heart”

Brooklyn-based songstress Chantilly’s latest EP bares a blend of gentle chords and post-pity poetry as an attempt to right her capsized sense of self. The Up to the Moon EP is a waltzing collection of battered-heart ballads and vulnerable vows that teeter on the edge of tears, dejected smiles and faded summertime memories.

Fueled by an Instagram aesthetic and Pinterest personality, Chantilly’s coy charm and DIY sensibilities are captured in the organic, folk-tinged sound and handwritten warmth of the EP’s indie effervescence. Wry croons, weeping lap steel and dramatic rhythms whirl as a melancholy wind decorates the record’s entirety.

The gloomy closer, “Don’t Wanna Wait,” casually delivers a weighty sentiment, “I don’t want to walk away and I don’t wanna stay, but I sure know how to fake it” like a commonplace catchphrase and not a heartbreaking haiku, whilst mascara runs from weeping violins – the endpoint of a shockingly sad thread.

Bound by tales of uncertainty, acceptance and deflated boys, the release is a doleful portrait of an artist as a young woman, one that is flush with lure and blemished love.

Produced by Saul Simon MacWilliams

Recorded at The Lovely Light


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