Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy

Now Here’s My Plan

Louisville, KY

(Drag City Records)

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“Re-imagining past singles into expansive, rambling Americana jams”

It has been a restless year for Louisville, KY native Will Oldham (AKA: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy). After releasing an EP with Mariee Sioux, collaborating with David Byrne for a Robert Smith documentary and completing his own memoir, for which this record – his 26th EP – shall accompany: Will Oldham on Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy by Alan Licht. Now Here’s My Plan is a reworking of Oldham’s most memorable and influential songs – produced, expanded and woven into a honky-tonk medley by equally iconic Steve Albini.

Now Here’s My Plan courses the vein his album Beware pulses: rambling with distinct Americana roots. Spurring his melancholy originals with the largess of a full band then ratcheting up the tempos produces glorious, fresh definition. Most notably on “I See a Darkness,” the slowcore figurehead, here fervent with a foot-stomping beat, male/female harmony, electric guitar, Wurlitzer organ and Oldham’s staple growl, creates an essential reworking, achieving a surprising equilibrium of immensity and catchiness.

Oldham deviated from minimalist songwriting years ago (when Cat Power did the same), once his sole bearing. Now the instrumentation is roomy and freewheeling, featuring strings, keys, hearty percussion and multiple singers, making this EP a must for any follower of Oldham’s legacy.

Engineered, Recorded and Mixed at Electrical Audio by Steve Albini

Mastered by Paul Oldham

Produced by Steve Albini and Will Oldham


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