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“A scenic wander through the Golden State”

Summer albums never stay around long, but Los Angeles’ Allah-Las have crafted a summer album for the ages. Brimming with bright tones and dusty old sounds that have long been due for a comeback, Allah-Las’ self-titled debut album is a sunny, sparkling ode to the Golden State.

Most people might instinctively call it “surf,” but they’d be wrong – it’s too simplistic an assessment. Allah-Las uses shockingly authentic ’60s-era instrumentation to recreate the fuzzy hooks that emanated from suburban garages during the era (and never really went away), culminating in an ideal soundtrack to any day you wish were a little warmer. Though they’re from LA, they officially declare themselves a California band, and this album sounds like Northern and Southern California have finally kissed and made up – the cavernous echo of Southern beaches melt into a foundation of the spooky, psychedelic San Francisco sound. Those who judge by song titles alone – “Catamaran,” “Sacred Sands,” “Catalina” – might think this is a corny theme album for costume parties, but Allah-Las adds up to a scenic, carefree wander through a scenic, carefree state.

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