All The Locals – Self Titled

All The Locals
All The Locals
Atlanta, GA

“Soul food for the funk-pop mind”

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On their debut release, the Atlanta-based sextet harnesses gregarious gaits with smooth croons and grafts in fluid bass lines with juicy tom fills that’ll send flappers flying. Gospel rhythms team up with call and response vocals to generate a vivacious, highly danceable, yet endearing sound.

The blend of sincere lyrical content and lush musicianship has the band boasting an echo that captures the cool cadences of Michael McDonald meets Maps & Atlases. Such traits are particularly evident on the EP’s median track, “Shade of Blue,” with the chorus asking, “Can you feel as it walks all over you? / ’Cause when the sun comes up I’ll be a different shade of blue.”

The EP’s production chimes as crisp as a Caribbean sunset, with each cracking snare complementing even the softest whispered lyric.

Pulling from the major threads of funk and pop, the release also splices in shoots of rock and world music to create a dynamic blanket of soulful, feng shui jams.

Mixed and Mastered by John Briglevich

Recorded at Sonica Studios

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