MUST LISTEN: Stream new track from The Burgeoning

The Burgeoning have just premiered a new track called “Lighthouse,” and we’re stoked to be sharing it with you today! Give a listen below, and check out the band’s debut EP, Love Alchemy, Life Algorithm. Like what you hear? Sound off in the comments below!

The Burgeoning’s name is an allusion to what they feel their music represents; a fresh take on what indie rock means in this generation’s musical landscape. The Bensalem, Pennsylvania-based band’s never-ending pursuit of adventure and self-discovery is the driver for their signature brand of pop-tinged, inventive indie rock. The four-piece is made up of brothers Logan and Alex Thierjung on vocals and bass respectively, lead guitarist Mark Menkevich, and drummer Brandon Bradley.

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the Burgeoning

Born out of a late-night jam session between Logan and Alex in 2011, The Burgeoning’s sound is an amalgamation of the far-flung musical influences of its members. Logan’s admiration of trailblazing British indie rockers comes through in his crunchy guitar riffs and, at times, ethereal vocal phrasing while Brandon’s all-out, driving drumming style comes straight out of the African-American church’s musical traditions where he honed his chops. Mark’s sweet guitar tones give away his love of all things Beatles and Alex’s deep, melodic bass lines give nods to the 90’s alt-rock Gods who gave birth to the genre.

Their debut EP, Love Alchemy, Life Algorithm showcases The Burgeoning’s captivating melodies and hauntingly relatable lyrics across six tracks of raw, millennial existentialism. Questions of love, loss, and meaning are put forth in each song, but the answers won’t be found in the music. They are left for listeners to find and to examine within themselves. What is implied but left unspoken here, is that if one feels that answers aren’t yet ready to be unearthed, the journey to find them will just have to do.

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