Stream new Jordan Burchel track “Why They Call You Blue”

Performer is excited to premiere the new Jordan Burchel track “Why They Call You Blue” from his upcoming record Vowel Sounds, due out December 16th. Stream it below and read more after the jump. Enjoy!


Jordan Burchel grew up in a Gulf Coast town in Florida called Spring Hill. When he was young, it was small, quiet, friendly. As he and his friends got older, his hometown ballooned into a shapeless, sagging suburb, bursting in the 2008 crash. This town was too safe to have had any meaningful grudge over its deterioration and too broke to be in any real motion. It was an overcrowded cultural no-man’s land.

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Jordan Burchel in Gainesville, Florida.

Jordan Burchel in Gainesville, Florida. Photo by Charlotte Kesl

Vowel Sounds is a search for authenticity in an age sustained by the data drip. Where media torrents wash out small community and blur once sharp lines of individual and social definition, Jordan’s pursuit of authenticity has a relevance born of and reaching beyond his Levittown, Spring Hill.

If you catch Jordan on stage, you’ll see his personality on display. His humor and off-the-cuff wit are things his fans love. Behind it Jordan is deeply analytical and introspective. He’s a mess. It’s the pit of this technical masterpiece.

In their skepticism of product and alienated production, Burchel and his close friends have always focused on process. He’s found meaning in creation, in the craft from start to finish. Burchel’s music is craftsman’s music. It’s musician’s music. It wasn’t always so polished but now it’s really on the go. Written, composed, played, sung, organized, recorded, mixed by Jordan. Vowel Sounds is Jordan Burchel. His work and commitment to craft, his obsession with the pieces, will always be his chains but also his only liberation.

Jordan Burchel Vowel Sounds cover art

Jordan Burchel Vowel Sounds cover art

Listen along as Gainesville, FL based musician Jordan Burchel resolves his dysfunctional relationships with people and food through the power of song. Vowel Sounds is Jordan Burchel’s second album and was recorded between March 2015 and August 2016 in various storage units and spare bedrooms throughout central Florida. It serves as a transcript of a years-long internal dialog and its sound is about as stable as the person who made it. Tame Impala, The xx, and The War on Drugs present as influences, but these ten tracks stand on their own with a sound that takes its time blooming into a frenzy and then decaying into a soup of noise. Vowel Sounds was produced and mixed by Jordan Burchel in Gainesville, FL, and mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC.

It will be available 12/16/2016 to stream, download, and to purchase on vinyl.

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