Spotlight on The Off Chance

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Interviews and Features

The Off Chance are more than just hook-savvy musicians—they are dedicated artists whose gravitas for grandiose tunes puts them in a league of their own. Their Change record is fully realized and multifaceted, saturated with crisp rock tunes and dissonant cries to seize the moment.

The Off Chance’s ability to carefully sculpt noise into songs is certainly a talent, but getting followers to jump on their bandwagon in an age that is so digital is half the battle. “Just building a fan base is the hardest part right now,” Jason Differ explains. “Don’t get us wrong, we’ve definitely been reaching new people – especially considering we’ve been [playing gigs] for less than a year. It’s hard to pique people’s interest enough to actually come out, but that’s where good marketing comes in.”

by Sam Haddix Photography

Maldi Kellici is more specific when it comes to addressing grievances regarding the local circuit.  “The business model some of the venues operate under makes it hard to [grow our audience]. I’d love to see them move away from the ‘arena-like’ attitude – where people show up only for events – and focus on being reputable and contemporary bars and restaurants where people go regardless if they know the band or not.”

Even though he possesses a strong opinion on the topic, he still has a soft spot in his heart for a few familiar haunts. “The Foundation Room at the House of Blues and the Hard Rock Café were the most rewarding shows for me. We had them packed with fans screaming our name; it was a fantastic feeling.” Differ chimes in with his modest take on the matter: “It’s been a blessing to start our live shows here in Boston. We feel like we have an approachable enough sound so that everyone can appreciate our show.”

GENRE: Pop Rock
ARTISTIC APPROACH: Blending hook-laden pop with grandiose rock.

photo by Sam Haddix