Promoter Profile: ONS Productions

by | Jan 1, 2011 | Interviews and Features

There are more musicians, songwriters, producers, beat makers, rappers, rockers and electro-poppers than ever before. With social networking outlets delivering your music directly to the public, distribution is now as simple as recording a song and uploading the MP3 files. In effect, this has made competition between underground artists much more intense. It takes more than just passing out your demo to get noticed anymore. Enter: Alex Bradshaw.

Bradshaw is the owner and sole proprietor of ONS Productions; a production group that effectively promotes, markets and manages bands. Working with ONS means taking the next step in the music industry; getting out of your garage and onto the stage. Starting out by booking his friend’s bands in high school, Alex decided to get serious and partner up with three of the most popular independent venues in Atlanta (The Masquerade, Center Stage, and Vinyl). His job is to make sure that a band has a strong web presence, a dedicated local following, and a fun and entertaining live show.

Local acts including Leah Marie, Joy In Tomorrow, Woe Is Me and Seven Story Fall are all part of the ONS family and because of this, they have gained a significant amount of recognition in the local Atlanta music scene. The most important way Bradshaw helps bands is by allowing them to share the stage with larger acts by opening shows for them when they roll through Georgia on national tours.

“I’ve had the pleasure of getting some of my best friends to play sets with artists like 3Oh!3, Owl City, Manchester Orchestra and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and nothing makes me more proud,” says Bradshaw. The music industry needs musicians to stand out in a sea of fame-hungry bands, and ONS Productions is set to help them do just that.