SONG PREMIERE: “How To Love You Today” by Son of Cloud

by | Mar 21, 2019 | New Music and Video

Performer is thrilled to premiere the gorgeous new track “How to Love You Today” by Son of Cloud

The new track comes to us courtesy of Jonathan Seale, the man behind Son of Cloud, and the co-founder of Mason Jar Music. He’s also been fronting the Brooklyn-based band, Flearoy, for several years, and the time has finally come to release his own solo material.

He is celebrating the release of the album with an in the round performance this Saturday that is immersive and interactive, taking place at an old Quaker meeting house in Brooklyn. In addition to a massive light sculpture that will react to the music, Son of Cloud has designed an app that lets the audience participate in the sonic landscape of the show.

Says Seale of the track:

My songs are nearly always journal entries that help me process what’s happening in my life at a given moment. “How To Love You Today” is about what it’s like to live with a romantic partner who struggles with depression. The song was written during a rough patch early in my marriage when I was at a loss for how to be supportive. It feels vulnerable to publish my inner monologue for all the world to hear but I hope that the song is comforting to others who have felt some of these same emotions.


main photo courtesy Katrina Sorrenti