Guest List: Crobot shares their favorite shredtastic guitar solos

Pottsville, PA rock band Crobot recently dropped a new LP, Welcome to Fat CityTo celebrate, we asked the band to pick their most favorite shredtastic guitar solos of all-time.

Stream new track “Plague of the Mammoths” from the new LP below, and check out their picks after the jump. 

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I’m a sucker for slow blues solos and this one is one of the best… By my favorite guitar player.

Another killer Audley solo. This one being probably the most influential.

I love Tom Morello’s playing and this solo is his most melodic in my opinion. Simple and memorable. Perfect for the song.

Most people say “Machine Gun” is the best from this album and I love that song as well, but “Who Knows” is much more my style. Funky. Love the dynamic session when Jimi comes back and that octave fuzz slowly starts cutting through.

I love how this solo is put together. Ambient and melodic. Listen with headphones.

I HAD to pick a Clutch song and this opening solo is so bad that it’s awesome. We call these anti-solos and to me they are there to portray a feel which any good solo should. Shreddddddd.

I love how both solo sections start with that catchy bouncy riff. The second sections evolves into that crazy brutal breakdown. Never a bad Dime solo.

One of the best opening solos in a song period. Played so clean and with such finesse. 

This is my favorite Aerosmith song. I love the way the solo ends with the harmonies. One of many awesome Joe Perry solos.

The band sets up this solo perfectly. The only thing this is missing is a backwards delay for this to be the epitome of a Kim Thayil solo.

Classic Jimmy Page. I can almost hear the cocaine through his fingers…

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