FIRST LISTEN: Stream “Move” by Cooper Anstett

Performer is excited to bring you the first listen for Detroit-based, indie-pop singer/songwriter Cooper Anstett, and his fantastic new track, “Move.” The song is off his upcoming mixtape, the artist’s sophomore effort, titled simply Cooper (target release date is currently early March 2016). Scroll below to read Cooper’s comments on the track, and be sure to follow him on Twitter. Enjoy!

The artist explains: “The opening guitar lick was the first thing I had for ‘Move’ and I sat with it for a few days not wanting to force anything on it. The next weekend a good friend was visiting and he’s the type of friend who likes to go out and have a little too much fun.  That can sometimes be a good thing and sometimes a bad thing. This time it was both because it provided me with a relatable story line while he had a headache.  When my friend left after that weekend I had completed Move.”

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