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This Saturday the Frail play what’s sure to be an amazing hometown show at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, and we’ve got tix! Want to win a pair? Easy, just leave a comment below.

We recently caught up with the band to chat about the show and the recording of their upcoming LP, due out soon.

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What are you looking forward to the most at this show in San Francisco?

Aaron: GAMH is my favorite venue, hands down. The first time I played there, I must have taken 20 pictures of the marquee to the point where someone walked by and asked “Big fan?” Also, this will be my first time playing with The Frail in front of family and friends, so it’s the best of all worlds.
Danny: Personally speaking, I have never played GAMH and it’s always been somewhere I’ve wanted to play. So I couldn’t be more excited to be playing that legendary room! Plus I’m pretty sure Rolling Stone just called it one of their favorite venues. So there you have it.

From a musician’s standpoint, what are the key differences between performing at home in SF and other cities?
Izzy: The difference is knowing the staff at our local venues and catching up with them when we play. It’s nice, especially since we’re all busy and don’t really get to chat unless we’re under those circumstances.

393020_10151370014356638_25848029_nDanny: I love seeing new faces, and different venues around the country. I mean at home we’re used to certain venues the room size, the gear, the way they sound and we can plan for that. Sometimes playing out of town, it’s a guessing game, but hey it keeps you on your toes and you get to meet new people!

What can an audience expect to experience at a live Frail show?

Danny: You can expect five guys bringing a house party vibe to any venue. We like to bridge the gap between the audience and the stage, literally. I’ve set up stools and walked out into the crowd on them…I like to build bridges…So expect to dance, feel like you are part of the band for the night, and to get sweaty…

You describe your sound as ‘Indie-tronic’ – what exactly does that mean?

Izzy: Indie-tronic means electronic dance music with lots of indie influence and no hippie shit.

Danny: But I guess indie is still a working genre right? I mean, does anyone really know what that means anymore? Cuz it def doesn’t mean independent anymore…

Your new LP, Love Death Legend comes out soon. What can fans and newcomers expect from this release? And is there an expected release date yet?

Kev: Old Frail was a half sandwich and a bowl of soup (bunch of EPs). The new Frail is a full meal **with a side of steroids and bath salts (1st full length, different songwriting approach, new producer,etc).

Danny: We are currently working on the label end of things so no release date yet, however we are launching our first song and new video “You Just Wanna Leave” any day now.

You actually worked with Converse to complete the recording of the record in Brooklyn. How did that come about, and what was your recording experience like?

Danny: Well, we applied and a friend at Cornerstone/Fader had also been really pushing us to everyone there and i guess it finally clicked! We were really really excited to get out there. I hadn’t been to NYC in a long time, and Izzy had never been so it was definitely an experience. We were also just stoked to see the list of bands that had been in there: Ra Ra Riot, our friends Shinobi Ninja, Dan Black, Big Boi and tons more – so it was really inspiring. Our producer and good friend Patrick Brown came out, we drank, and we recorded. I remember at one point we were working on a song called “I Never Knew You” and everyone just kept playing me Usher songs…Now I just wish I had actually been able to sing like Usher. Oh well…

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