MEET YOUR MAKER: U-Turn Audio (Turntables Made in the USA)

by | May 31, 2017 | Industry News

Performer Magazine goes behind-the-scenes with Ben Carter of Boston-based U-Turn Audio to discover how they make affordable turntables right here in the USA. 

Background on U-Turn Audio

We started developing turntables in 2011, but didn’t begin shipping to customers until late 2013. I started U-Turn with two former high school classmates, Bob Hertig and Pete Maltzan. We had been listening to vinyl together since we were freshman, but we all owned awful turntables. Good decks were too expensive, and vintage ones require a lot of maintenance. There was a clear need for a decent turntable that folks on a budget could afford – so we decided to build one.

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Most Popular Models

Orbit Basic Turntable, Orbit Custom Turntable, Pluto Phono Preamp

What Sets Your Gear Apart From Other Builders?

Our design is very simple. We focus on music-making components and generally leave out the nonessentials. All of our turntables are built by hand in our Woburn, MA factory. We sell direct-to-consumer through our website, which helps us keep prices down.

What Are Some Cool Features of Your Products?

Our Orbit Custom lets you design your own turntable from the ground up. You can choose your color (or wood), platter, phono cartridge, and choose from add-ons like a cue lever or built-in phono preamp.

Lessons Learned From Building and Running Your Own Business?

Always strive to exceed customer expectations. Young brands like U-Turn need to work extra hard to survive. In order to compete with more established companies, you need to consistently treat your customers right and deliver finished products that work and sound great.

What’s One Thing You Want Consumers to Think of When They Think of Your Brand

Quality, quality, quality. Our mission is to make great listening experiences more affordable, but we are not a “budget brand.” If the product doesn’t work well, nobody cares how cheap it is.

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