STUDIO PROFILE: New Austin Music Studio

In the “live music capital of the world” recording studios are a dime a dozen. But New Austin Music Studio puts the artist in the driver’s, at no cost to the artist. You read that right – there is no charge for the use of the recording space or the technical man-hours. NAMS has managed to eliminate the single biggest barrier  of entry in recording – money. They even assist in booking for bands that use their resources to record. Rather than taking an artist’s money up front, the studio actively assists artists in making money from their recording. It’s a symbiotic and altruistic business model, something you don’t often find in the dog-eat-dog entertainment industry.

Studio founder Shane Walker expresses that he and fellow NAM proprietors Larry Graves and Scott Everett recognized a need for this type facility. In the music business today, evolution is critical and NAMS has certainly managed that. Shane Walker outlines their goal: “Our mission is to provide professional recordings for our hand-picked artists while promoting them through grassroots marketing.”

The biggest difference between New Austin Music Studio and a record label or other online portal is that they allow the artist to retain 100% of the intellectual property rights to the songs that they record. NAMS only collects a marginal fee from the original sale and distribution of the artist’s material. There is no such thing as an oppressive recording contract or prohibitively expensive publishing, instead it’s all about nurturing the creativity of the artist without crippling debts looming overhead.

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The first artists to appear on New Austin Music include Matt Kreutz, Ali Holder & the Train Robbin’ Whiskey, Clint Davis aka “Checkmate”, The John Leon Trio, Devolver, Nathan Payne, Sunny Fairly, Clint Hofmeister and GD Melton. The next artist could be you.

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