OnTop Acoustic Guitar Stand Named “Best in Show” at 2016 Summer NAMM

OnTop Acoustic Guitar Stand

OnTop World Music Products proudly accepts “Best in Show” award from a panel of industry experts at Summer NAMM, the annual music products trade event held in Nashville, TN.

The innovative OnTop Acoustic Guitar Stand allows musicians to easily transport and display their acoustic guitar in their favorite, lined case.

The frame of the OnTop Acoustic Guitar Stand is constructed of sturdy, billet aluminum plates and arms that securely hug the back of a case. A detachable, shoulder strap allows the player to transport their acoustic guitar, then easily transition to the display position. The legs are spring-loaded, and they are deployed with an easy-to-use, release mechanism, forming a tripod. At this point, the case can be opened revealing the guitar in a stable, upright position, allowing easy access for showing or playing. When it’s time to go, the case is closed, the legs easily lock in place, and you’re off. There’s even a bottle opener in the center of the frame!

The “Best in Show” award was given to OnTop for the best add-on or accessory for musical equipment during the show’s NAMM U in the Summer of 2016. The OnTop Acoustic Guitar Stand was recognized for conceiving a smart, new way of standing, carrying, and displaying an acoustic guitar, which allows players to convert their existing guitar case into a stand. Brands like Taylor and Gibson say that a high-quality, guitar case is essential for protecting surface finish and sound quality of an acoustic guitar. Tim Pratt, president of Dietze Music, was impressed with the stand’s “Super-easy” and “Simple-to-use” design, encouraging guitar owners to convert their case into a stand with OnTop Acoustic Guitar Stand and protect their investment.

The preordered units are currently in production, and the stands will be available for retail purchase January of 2017.

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