New Gear From Winter NAMM 2011

by | Mar 1, 2011 | Industry News

SHURE // PSM 1000

Coming Spring 2011

This personal monitoring system is slimmed down and easy to handle. With up to 72 MHz of tuning bandwidth and a slim bodypack, a reliable signal won’t be hard to pick up. The system features a full single rack and dual channel transmitter, making it more than just a pretty piece of equipment.


CAD Audio // U9 MiniMic


The latest from CAD Audio, the U9 is a small, easy to use USB microphone that is indeed, mini. At only a few inches, the U9 has a headphone jack, an LED that signals when the mic is active, and a microphone that swivels to allow easy recording wherever you are.


Orange Amplifiers // DIVO TubeSync

Orange found a way to make the tube amp better. DIVO monitors your amps output and adjusts the bias accordingly, maximizing every tube’s potential. It also runs in circuit tests to increase the life of your amp.


DigiTech // Guitar and Bass Amps

$79.95-$2399.95 – Spring 2011

DigiTech is expanding into amplifiers. These are more than just some “me too!” products, rather they come fully stocked with DigiTech’s famous modeling and effects software. From small 15W to full 150W stacks, these amps will provide the greatest control over your sound.


Blue Microphones // Reactor


Spring 2011


Blue’s latest condenser mic is designed to give you versatility and control, with a rotating head and noiseless switching between cardioid, omni, or bi-directional patterns. Made with the highest quality components, it makes high-end audio recording affordable.


DBZ Guitars // Z Glide Neck


Dean Zelinksy, master guitar builder, hates that clammy feeling glossed guitar necks leave on your hand, so he re-designed the guitar neck. His necks have precisely engraved patterns on the back that repel sweat and give you an ultra-smooth, ultra-fast playing experience.


Sennheiser // CXC 700

Spring 2011

Sennheiser’s new earphones let you switch between three different noise-canceling modes to tailor the sound to your environment. Designed to be the perfect travel companions, they’re small and provide crystal clear audio reproduction.


TC Electronic // PolyTune 1.1


The PolyTune made a splash when it was released last year, the first tuner that could tune separate strings simultaneously. The iPhone app takes the award-winning pedal and sticks it in your smart phone, so you can always have it with you.


Universal Audio // UAD-2 Satellite Duo and Quad

$899 +

Engineers and techies rejoice, Universal Audio has begun the inevitable phasing out of USB by introducing the UAD-2 Satellite Duo and Quad Firewire DSP accelerator packages. The package will give your DAW a boost and access classic analog recording emulations.


M-Audio // ProKeys Sono 88, ProKeys Sono 61, KeyStudio 49i

$549.95, $449.95, $299.95 respectively

These audio interface keyboards are the latest from Avid. The ProKeys Sono 88 has 88 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys with a built-in USB interface that allows you to record directly to your computer. Its partner keyboards, the ProKeys Sono 61 and KeyStudio 49i, give you the same capabilities: the only difference is the key count.


Providence // PEC-04

Providence’s PEC-04 programmable effects controller has four programmable effects loops, giving you the ability to create and recall four difference loop combinations instantly. Each loop has an individual control. With premium footswitch spacing and an overload indicator, this controller is a must.


SKB // Keyboard Soft Cases

$129.99 – $179.99

These soft cases are tough and durable, carrying about as much protection as a hard case. With wood-framed walls and a completely padded interior, it provides ideal keyboard storage. These also include accessories storage so everything is where you need it, padded straps and wheels for easy travel, and rails on the back and sides for maximum loading and unloading protection.


Cakewalk // Sonar X1

The Sonar X1 user interface design is easy to navigate and makes your work more manageable. Using their Skylight technology, the new Sonar features has a fully collapsible, expandable and floatable control bar; an organized browser; an easy to use track inspector; and a multi-dock that allows you to view multiple screens at one time.


Ampeg // BA Series Combo Practice Amps and Heritage B-15

BA-108, $139.99; BA-110, $251.99; Heritage B-15, $5,999.99

Ampeg’s new BA series practice amps are compact and designed specifically for entry-level players. Coming in April 2011, they’ll feature an MP3 hookup, headphone out, and a lightweight design. Then at the other end of Ampeg’s spectrum is the Heritage B-15. Called “the holy grail of bass amplification,” this is a high-quality rig designed for superior performance.


Mackie // Onyx Blackjack and Blackbird

Blackjack $259.99, Blackbird $629.99

These new recording interfaces from Mackie are compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. The smaller of the two, the Blackjack features a compact desktop design and a USB interface. The larger Blackbird is set up with a FireWire interface for larger projects and speedier audio transfers.


JBL // LSR 2300 Series

$200 Monitor and Subwoofer, $300 Monitor System Controller

In-studio speakers, subwoofers, and a monitor controller make up this series, for which JBL has dropped the price but kept the essential features. Power efficient and durable, the monitors have low-distortion drivers and the subwoofer produces deep, resounding bass. The system controller is incredibly accurate, allowing you to produce great mixes no matter where you are.


Big Fish Audio // Audio Sample and Loop Kits

Big Fish has compiled more loops, sounds, and construction kits than you’d think were possible. Every variation and subgenre of music categories is represented here, with succinct yet extremely descriptive names. For these prices, it’s safe to say that you’ll be getting an exhaustive amount of original audio for your projects. Funky Gumbo? Quirky Guitars? Hip-hop India? Yes, please.


Alan Parsons // The Art And Science of Sound Recording


Recording often seems like a complicated, convoluted monster of a process. Alan Parsons is here to help. He’s created an inclusive, detailed DVD course covering every aspect of the recording process, addressing the problems and questions that often plague artists while recording. The entire process is deconstructed, allowing artists to see that sound recording, much like music itself, is indeed an art and a science.