ENTER TO WIN an Audio-Technica Drum Mic Package

We’re looking for a dynamic drummer to become our trusted product tester, to win and demonstrate a fantastic drum microphone package from Audio-Technica (scroll down to apply now)

Do you need a solid mic setup for a project you’re working on with your band? Do you want to share your expert opinions with the drum community at large? Well, we’ve got just the thing for you! Our friends at Audio-Technica are going to hook up one lucky product tester with a recording package suited especially for miking a full drum kit, including a range of mics from their acclaimed Artist Series line:

  • 3 ATM450 Condenser Mics (overheads and Hi Hat)
  • 1 ATM230PK 3-pack of Dynamic Mics (Toms)
  • 1 ATM250 Dynamic Mic (Kick)
  • 1 ATM650 Dynamic Mic (Snare)

Each mic in the package has its own unique characteristics and applications, and we want to see how YOU can use them creatively during the recording process.

[Editor’s note: we’ve put together some handy info with Audio-Technica on miking drums, be sure to check it out here!]

The winner we select to hook up with this amazing package will chronicle their behind-the-scenes usage of the new mics through a series of YouTube videos, and will also be featured in an upcoming print issue of Performer. Cool, huh!


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