Enter to win a Mojave MA-D Microphone

We’re looking for a killer artist or studio to win and test out the new MA-D Dynamic Mic from Mojave Audio. Need an awesome new tool for your mic locker or stage show? Enter below!

Here’s the deal: we’re looking for a great artist or studio to win and demo the Mojave MA-D for us. The winner will get sent the mic to keep, and will work with us on a video shoot to demo the mic in action and in some behind-the-scenes videos that we’ll share on our site and social media channels (WATCH an example of one of our past winners, Jenn Bostic, recording an entire track with her new Mojave microphone).


Scroll down for more detailed info about the Mojave MA-D microphone, and good luck!

“After years of intensive research, we have finally designed a dynamic microphone we could put the Mojave name on. Designed by Technical Grammy Award Winner David Royer, we proudly introduce the Mojave MA-D Cardioid Dynamic. While there are many well-known dynamic mics on the market, most of which are known for their “presence peak”, we set out to design the Smooth Alternative. The MA-D delivers a full frequency response without the harshness common to most common dynamics, creating the richness and musicality we set out to capture.”

With its rugged design, the MA-D is perfect for:

  • Live sound 
  • Broadcast
  • Voice-over
  • Recording
  • House of Worship
  • Touring

LEARN MORE at https://mojaveaudio.com/ma-d/

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