Don’t Miss LACM Scholarship Application Deadline May 15

College Offers Over $500,000 in Scholarships Per Year to New and Current Students

The Los Angeles College of Music scholarship application deadline  is this Thursday, May 15, 2014. The school offers an extremely robust slate of institutional scholarships in their commitment to prepare the next generation of musical leaders. Scholarships are available for full, half and quarter tuition scholarships for all areas of Music Performance, Music Production and Music Composition, including the school’s Songwriting Program, new this Fall.

Read our interview with Art Alexakis, the new chairman of the songwriting program at LACM. 

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“LACM is committed to helping students achieve their potential in music.  We have worked closely with artists and organizations within the music industry so that we can offer talented students both mentoring and financial assistance to continue to drive excellence in the music industry. ” says Tom Aylesbury, President of LACM.

Among the many artists who have provided scholarships for LACM are Al Jarreau, Ziggy Marley, Moby, Glen Ballard and new this year, is multi-Grammy winner Linda Perry.  “Linda is devoted to finding, working and developing new talent.   She has written some of the world’s most popular songs for herself and other artists.   In addition to funding scholarships, she is a great mentor for helping the students develop the tools necessary to succeed in the music business.”  Says Erin Workman, Executive Director of Career Services and Industry Relations.

Institutional scholarships are awarded to both domestic and international students who demonstrate exceptional musical potential as determined by the LACM Scholarship Committee. Candidates are evaluated on a variety of aspects, including school transcripts, letters of recommendation and an essay, as well as overall musicality. Students who apply for scholarships through LACM will automatically be considered for all scholarships for which they qualify, and there is no separate application process for any of the awards.

LACM encourages all of their applicants to not only apply for admission, but to also submit a Scholarship Application. Questions regarding the Scholarship Process and Need-Based Grants process or application can be directed to [email protected] or 626-568-8850. 


The Los Angeles College of Music, LACM, prepares students to be leaders in music and offers degrees in Music Performance and Music Production. Located in the heart of the music and entertainment industries, the faculty is comprised of current, leading, musical professionals with a passion for inspiring the next generation.  The college offers a significant number of real world playing situations with professional musicians, not just peers, setting the school apart from other prestigious music institutions. The college is comprised of talented students from around the world who partner together in an intimate and supportive environment to learn to create, record, perform and market in today’s competitive music industry.  (Formerly known as LAMA, The Los Angeles Music Academy.)

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