Cakewalk Releases New “Manchester” SONAR Update

by | Feb 4, 2016 | Industry News

Cakewalk, dedicated to powerful and thoughtfully designed software for modern musicians, announces the new “Manchester” release for SONAR Artist, Professional and Platinum versions. This is the twelfth “Rolling Update” that continues Cakewalk’s commitment to improving and optimizing SONAR’s core functionality, while delivering new world-class technology every month.

In SONAR X3, Cakewalk announced a new relationship with Celemony and utilized groundbreaking ARA technology to incorporate Melodyne seamlessly into SONAR’s workflow environment.  From Cakewalk’s ongoing close affiliation with Celemony, new SONAR customers and current SONAR users who have Melodyne Essential will now benefit from Melodyne 4 Essential for free. This edition constitutes the most extensive update to the entire product family in Celemony’s history. On the surface the new UI makes for easier editing, but the new Universal algorithm allows transposition, conforming to tempo, and quantizing complex material with incredibly high audio quality. It’s even well-suited to pitch-shifting and time-stretching entire mixes, and CPU consumption remains very reasonable.

The recent implementation of Aux Tracks and Patch Points into SONAR’s workflow environment has opened up a world of creative possibilities for users. Building off this system, SONAR “Manchester” offers further development, providing significant enhancements to the logic of soloing Aux Tracks and tracks that have Patch Points as inputs. “Smart Solo” has been employed eliminating the need to solo or mute other tracks manually; this greatly improves and speeds up the Patch Point workflow while also offering a visual dimming feature to muted tracks.

This “Smart Solo” logic will also speed up soloed multiple track groups, as well as the opening of project files with soloed tracks. By changing the way SONAR evaluates the “solo states,” soloing tracks and track groups as well as loading projects with soloed tracks will be faster. Further, this update allows Track Templates to be aware of Aux Tracks and Patch Points, and manages routing of Patch Points contained within SONAR’s Track Template feature. Users can now create Track Templates that reference Patch Points and Aux Tracks, and then import those into projects, making it extremely easy to save simple or complex routing setups.

As a commitment to the ongoing partnership with SONAR’s user base, the “Manchester” update also includes fixes and enhancements mostly submitted by customers. An array of wide-spanning items has been addressed to ensure a high level of quality and stability that the Rolling Update Membership program stands by.

For more information on the many enhancements in this update, please see the free SONAR Membership Release monthly eZine. Please also visit  to learn more about the new SONAR “Manchester” release; and see a preview of what’s planned for the near future.