Win a Pro Tools Quartet and Demonstrate Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools

Performer Magazine and AVID are seeking creative artists, songwriters and producers to demonstrate the amazing capabilities of AVID Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools.

Winners will be set up with latest version of Pro Tools and will receive a new Pro Tools | Quartet to help demonstrate the workflow capabilities of cloud collaboration. Along the way, they will share their experiences through social media, audio/video updates and a final feature in an upcoming issue of Performer. Cool, huh!

AVID Pro Tools Quartet

AVID Pro Tools Quartet


Highest quality, incredible speed and ease

  • Create music in the highest quality possible, with incredible speed and ease

Collaborate, communicate and share effortlessly

  • Collaborate as if you’re all working together in the same studio—without the file swapping, importing, and management headaches
  • Communicate your ideas and creative direction using built-in text chat
  • Share audio and MIDI tracks, edits, mix changes, and more—right within Pro Tools

Project access through cloud functionality

  • Work on the same project at the same time in the cloud, or create offline and post updates
  • Access projects anytime—from anywhere—through our private and secure Pro Tools Cloud Services

Pro Tools Screenshot


Ideally, we’re looking for one of two types of creative individuals to enter.

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The first would be part of an already established creative team, such as two band members who share writing responsibilities and collaborate on the group’s original material, demos and track production. Or perhaps you’re a producer who works with an MC/lyricist, and each of you contributes creatively to a track’s production, but have separate studios where you operate. In this case, we encourage both partners to enter.

The second type of person would be an artist/songwriter/producer who is seeking a new creative soulmate. If you don’t already have a partner to collaborate with, we still encourage you to enter, as we can pair you up with another applicant who complements your process. The two of you will each be set up with the latest version of Pro Tools as well as a Quartet to facilitate the new cloud collaboration project.

Ultimately, whoever wins (an existing team or new creative partners), we want them to document their process creating a new track using the collaborative cloud tools for Pro Tools. We will then premiere that track online at!


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  1. Christian Arial

    November 15, 2016 at 3:01 pm

    This would be useful for swapping ideas and writing songs with band mates who have drifted to other locales, but still have a working relationship and ESP built up from musical time spent together. I’d like to see how the system works.

    • Benjamin Ricci

      November 16, 2016 at 8:52 am

      We totally agree. For creative partners who can’t be in the same location, we’d imagine this is a perfect solution. If you find yourself in that situation, by all means please enter!

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