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Make money by renting out your own idle equipment and space or rent others’ resources or your own recording sessions. Share your skills or hire experienced musicians, assistants, and other service providers, easily and securely. Community-based recording resources allow artists and professionals to fully utilize their own resources and those owned by other members.


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What is provides a business platform where musicians and other audio professionals can rent equipment and services from and to fellow members.

What Does It Do? allows you to schedule studio sessions and gigs, automatically bills for services and equipment rentals, and delivers a check to you each month.

Make Money!

Your profile is searchable by other members and when someone is interested in hiring you, they send you a request, you reply, and they send payment via credit card. Each month, you receive a check for any services or rentals you’ve provided.

Free One-Year Membership With Coupon Code: PERFORMER2011. Head to

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