Announcing the ‘Shure Signal Path’ Podcast Series

Shure today announced its new podcast series, “Shure Signal Path.” Shure will host members of the music industry community on the bi-weekly podcast—ranging from engineers who work behind the scenes to the musicians we love—to share their stories and shed light on the occasional studio secret that makes live music so amazing. The inaugural episode, which is available for download today, interviews UK artist Lianne La Havas and discusses everything from food and song writing, to jamming and what a typical day off might look like for a busy artist.


“Shure is consistently in contact with so many fascinating people across the world of music and audio, ranging from artists to producers, sound engineers, and studio owners, it seemed a shame not to share their stories with the world,” said Paul Crognale, Manager of Global Marketing, Musician and Consumer Audio at Shure Incorporated. “The goal of the podcast is not to dive too deep into the technology behind music—although there certainly will be episodes where we get into the nitty gritty—but to bring to life the amazingly rich universe those involved in the music industry experience every day.”

In addition to the first episode with Lianne La Havas, Shure will host an array of amazing music industry talent, including legendary live sound engineer Roger Lindsay, Bryan Grone and William Garrett at Spotify Studios, multi-award winning mastering engineer Matt Colton, Chicago-based act “Poster Children,” Chris Jojo at Codemaster Games, and others.

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To listen to today’s episode, and subscribe to the Shure Signal Path podcast, listeners can head to their favorite podcast sources, including iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. The podcast will be updated every other Tuesday at 8 a.m. CST.

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