Andrew St. James Video Premiere for “Cassidy”

“I am inspired by the odd characters that I call my acquaintances,” 18-year-old singer-songwriter Andrew St. James explains.  The colorful cast that inhabits his music hails, like St James, from the fog-enshrouded misty hills of San Francisco’s Twin Peaks.

“I recorded ‘Cassidy’ within twenty minutes of writing it,” St James says of the personal song about a former lover who returned to town, but didn’t want to see him.  The track is the first single from his upcoming debut album Doldrums, out on Sept. 24th.

The video for “Cassidy” was shot at a variety of gigs around San Francisco, and neatly captures St. James’s raw energy at the Regency Ballroom on Van Ness, Brainwash Cafe, a little bar in Marin County, and on Valencia Street where he spots suspicious street folk and bike lane life-stylers.



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