An Update on Brown Bird’s David Lamb

by | Jul 15, 2013 | Industry News

An update from our friends in Brown Bird on David Lamb’s condition:

davehome“Dave came home on Saturday from his second round of chemo. He is tired, but happy to be home and looking forward to tackling the next round of treatment.

Sometime in late Summer or early Fall, Dave will be receiving a stem cell transplant, which will replace his bone marrow with healthy cells. We are confident that the procedure will be a success and Dave will enjoy full and cancer-free recovery. He will be cared for in Boston, in the hands of the best in the field.

The doctors inform us that the recovery period post-transplant requires a full year of not working and frequent trips to the hospital for monitoring and bloodwork. While it will be difficult for us to stay off the stage and the road for 12 months, we are looking forward to having the time at home to write new material and experiment with some musical ideas we’ve been having.

In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying the words of encouragement you all have been sending, and we will be keeping a donation button at to help offset the financial weight of living while off the road. Thanks a million times over for all your incredible support.

We will keep you all updated as much as we can.
Much love,
MorganEve and Dave”