An Inside Look at United Record Pressing

Putting it on Wax Since 1949

United Record Pressing, LLC (URP) began in Nashville, Tennessee in 1949, when it was known by the name Southern Plastics. The first Beatles seven-inch records in America (prior to their Capitol releases) on Vee Jay Records were pressed at the current location.

Southern Plastics changed the name to United Record Pressing in 1971. Vinyl is now seeing a huge resurgence, not only among indie bands, but with major label artists, as well. There is nothing that can compare to carved music frequencies vibrating a needle, amplified through a pair of good speakers. It is the most natural translation of music.

United not only was responsible for much of the country records during the past vinyl era, but also had a Motown Suite, which is still viewable by guests touring the plant, which still has the same 1960s furnishings that Motown executives were offered back in the day. United still uses the kitchen as a meeting room, with staff sitting at the same ’60s dinette set that Motown, Vee Jay and other label executives and artists used.

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The party room has hosted record label signing parties for artists including Wayne Newton, The Cowsills and a then sixteen-year -old Hank Williams, Jr. Currently, the party room functions as a museum of Southern Plastics/United, along with a brief history of recorded music.

The video for Wanda Jackson’s “Thunder on the Mountain,” featuring Jack White and the Third Man Records House Band, was shot on location at United in the party room. The Third Man Records vinyl releases, including the tri-colored vinyl limited editions, are manufactured at United.

United has special rates for artists on recycled vinyl, which can also help with targeting certain markets where green means something. Bi-colored, tri-colored (very selective on tri-color runs) and even vinyl that is a different color on each side is possible with their handmade techniques. United pressings are in demand, from indie bands ordering hundred copy short runs to the last Lady Gaga double twelve inch, pressed in the thousands. Whatever your needs are as an artist, United has the right package to suit your budget, plus the equipment and knowledgeable staff to help you achieve your goals.

United offers a free “test pressing” copy to those who donate $50 towards a Kickstarter funded vinyl release manufactured at United. This is a great promo opportunity for artists looking for funding. They also link their website as well as Facebook page to help the band promote and track their progress. United also offers digital download hosting services.





545 West 45th Street

New York, NY 10036

Phone: 212-541-5022

One of the top Vinyl Pressing and Mastering Plants in the USA is the well-known Masterdisk of New York. Big artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, White Stripes, Elvis Costello and more have trusted the many talented engineers of Masterdisk to devote their full attention and 40+ years of experience to their projects.


Erika Records

6300 Caballero Blvd.

Buena Park, CA 90620

Phone: 714-228-5420

Operating for over 30 years, Erika Records has recently moved to a larger workspace in beautiful Buena Park, California and the change of environment has allowed Erika Records to increase the volume of their pressings and bring you the highest quality product available.


Aardvark Record Mastering

4485 Utica Street

Denver, CO 80212

Phone: 303-455-1908

Aardvark Record Mastering has been in the vinyl business for 25 years. With an electronic order form and quote calculator, sticking to a budget without sacrificing quality is easy. Aardvark operates out of the owner’s home, allowing the company to offer low fixed costs and make the fist step in the record making process a fun one.

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